About School

The stalwart founder Mr. Surenmeroll Thakore and Mrs. Salina Thakore established this in 1966. Hebron grew one step at a time and it has never stopped its growth and has always adhered to the vision & mission set by its creators. Dr. Haim Ginott said it very well, “Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression”. Hence we at “The New Hebron Preschool” provide an enriching environment which helps the child to learn in a smarter and better way. We make sure that the child feels comfortable and is well adjusted. We have “Mother Teachers” who work towards holistic development of each child respecting their individual differences. Our curriculum is child centered and activity based. We have a wide range of toys and activities that help in stimulating various aspects of child’s development. Our strength is healthy academic development. Special attention is given in teaching basic literacy skills, numeric skills, communication skills and general knowledge.

Our Vision

To develop intellectually, socially & emotionally capable young people with creative minds and ethical spirits.

Our Mission

To develop a healthy and a happy child with a positive attitude towards learning.